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Moonlight Graphics
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Moonlight Graphics
Welcome to m00nlight__art. The community dedicated to the tv show Moonlight. This is a community designed for you to post your icons, avatars and other graphics from Moonlight! So please join! If you are here to post or just here to admire, we encourage all. If you are here to post, please read through all these rules first.

· All posts MUST be art made of the tv show Moonlight.
· All posts are submitted into moderation first. Meaning, they wont show up right away, a MOD will have to approve them first before they are posted. (not yet)
· Please be kind and respectful. I like happy people. Let's all be happy people.
· Please no more than 3 icons outside an lj-cut, unless they are spoilers. Spoilers shuld go behind the cut at all times. Please no more than 1 400px Image posted outside an lj-cut. Lets be respectful of people's f-lists. :D
· It is perfectly okay to post a few teasers, and then link to your own graphics journal/community. You don't need to post your icons only to this community, it's just simply a way to show off what you've done! :D

What's allowed:
Icons, Banners, Wallpapers, Layouts, Manips and any other graphic related art from Moonlight.

What's not allowed:
Screen caps, any graphics that has nothing to do with the show, linking to locked posts or any post that will be locked, community promoting, images bigger than 400px outside of an lj-cut.

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